Web Site Evaluation


     As part of my assignment for my Lamar University graduate course I have selected to evaluate a website that is extremely helpful for presenting multimedia presentations. The website’s address is http://www.mmischools.com/Newsletters/MmisXtra.aspx?NewsletterID=531 and the site itself is entitled MultiMedia & Internet @ Schools. My evaluation consisted of looking at three main areas when viewing and utilizing this site: navigation, usefulness of content and the reliability and validity of the website. Among the many purposes of this site are to  provide K-12 technology and media specialists, as well as teachers, a source for the latest industry and product news.  In addition, the site offers products and services for the introduction, submission, and presentation of information and data, a primary concern for 21st century education.

            With the infinite links available from the home page the navigation is surprisingly undemanding. MultiMedia & Internet @ Schools is well organized and user friendly with clearly marked tabs running down the left side for easy access to the numerous links available. These links can take the browser anywhere from a buyers guide with information on a dynamic updated database of the latest products for your technology needs to online and distant learning. The home page also has a search box where the internet user can quickly and conveniently find any subject that the site addresses. One of the perceptible user friendly features is the ability of the site to keep the original column of links from the home page in full sight as the user clicks on any of the links he is interested in. This feature makes navigation exceptionally uncomplicated.

            I found the content very practical and relevant for anyone in education or simply an individual desiring information on the latest technological devices including software. There are countless links to no-nonsense articles explaining the use of these described devices and how to acquire them. There is also a link entitled free resources which leads you to numerous items at no cost and is being continually updated with the most recent announcements of free items. Content validity ranks high on my evaluation and this site fits the bill in that area. 

            The visual aspect of this website is not its best asset and you will be hard-pressed to find any video or audio links.  Yet MultiMedia & Internet @ Schools definitely targets the 21st century learner by incorporating a wealth of practical and relevant information. It is a must see for educators or anyone interested in finding, analyzing, and comparing the latest offers in technological gadgets. I hope you find it as useful as I did.